Doctoral Researcher Workshop
Computation in Electromagnetics (CEM) is a conference series focused on a community of professionals interested in simulation and related topics. Communication and mutual support are key characteristics of such a community. Equally, our community comprises different levels of experience. One thing is sure though, everyone can learn from everyone else.

With that, we are pleased to introduce a Doctoral Researcher Workshop.

In this Doctoral Researcher Workshop, PhD students and post doctoral researchers have the opportunity to:

  • Discuss their research with peers and leading researchers in computational electromagnetics, thus helping to
  1. Clarify research questions
  2. Investigate other tools to help with the research project
  3. Uncover other prior knowledge that can assist in developing a fuller context
  4. Explore alternative means of analysis and validation
  • Practice communicating your research
  1. Practice your “elevator pitch” with colleagues … your 30 second window to introduce yourself and your research, and engage your listener (you will be sent some guidelines before the conference)
  2. Challenge yourself to explaining the technical aspects of your work to knowledgeable but non-expert colleagues
  3. Work with colleagues to help them solve their challenges too
  • Learn some tricks and tips (algorithms!) for:
  1. Understanding the structuring a paper, report or thesis
  2. Make better use of key references
  3. Communicate illustrations better

The workshop itself is one session within the main CEM Conference. However, there is content of relevance to researcher development through the other days of the conference.

We would expect each researcher to make a short presentation of about 10 minutes (depending on numbers). Please come along with a short presentation. There is nothing to formally submit before the conference. However, it would be helpful to let us know that you wish to take part, so we can optimise the time.

Likewise, all Doctoral Researchers will have full access to all the main Conference sessions, and indeed invited to fully participate. Next year it will hopefully be you presenting a formal paper at a conference!

Each student will be invited to present their current research in a more informal manner – it is expected this will be ongoing work rather than a fully completed piece of research.

Students will also be encouraged to discuss challenges they are facing, bearing in mind the audience will be like minded students going through the same challenge as you, or post doctoral researchers who have been through it themselves before.

This is your chance to get up and talk about what really interests you.